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Audrey Clarke

Hi! I’m Audrey and I am the founder of The Mighty Daisy blog. Let me tell you a little bit about The Mighty Daisy. Several years ago, I left a verbally and sexually abusive marriage. The truth is I should have left long before I actually did. I didn’t because I was so afraid I couldn’t make it on my own. The thought of being a single mother terrified me and really wanted my marriage to work out. Leaving would also force me to admit all the horrific things that TD was doing to me and to our marriage.

Finally, I hit my breaking point and left with my daughter, Emma. It was so liberating but completely terrifying. When I was finally on my own, I was a mess. Slowly but surely, I started to remember how capable and resourceful I was, and I began to find myself again. My years married to TD, eroded my self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth to almost nothing. As I got back on my feet, I realized how toxic and terrible my marriage was. I subjected myself to verbal and sexual abuse for years and I thought that if I could “just be who he wants,” it would stop. I didn’t want to admit what was happening to me was happening.

The Awakening

When I finally went practically no-contact, I noticed that I felt constantly anxious and I always seemed to have a knot of anxiety in my core. I would snap out of nowhere in certain situations for no reason. When the weekend approached, a terrible feeling of dread would creep in and amplify my anxiety. I felt so ashamed of what I let happen to me and what had become of me.

What really clued me into how bad my marriage was, was when I met my now husband Tom. He’s wonderful, loving, and so supportive. Now I know why it never worked with anyone else. I also know now what a healthy relationship looks like, which really shined the light on everything that I tried to hide during my marriage to TD. This led to me falling into a depression and my feelings of guilt and shame grew exponentially.

Learning About Narcissistic Abuse

I decided to see a therapist. Throughout my sessions, I started to be able to organize my thoughts and understand my anxiety was out of control. Like many people, the psychologist diagnosed me with PTSD from narcissistic abuse. A light bulb burst in my head and learning about narcissists and the damage that they can do validated so much. I wasn’t crazy was the biggest revelation.

Everything in my world all of a sudden just made sense. My quest became learning everything I could about narcissistic abuse. A result of my studies, a huge weight lifted off of me. Validation and the support that I found was amazing. There is also great comfort in knowing I wasn’t the only one who had this experience in a relationship. 

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Then in 2016, my worst nightmare came true. My daughter disclosed to me that she was sexually abused by my ex-husband, her father. I was devastated, but I knew that how I reacted would affect how she would heal, so I went right to work by calling the police. My divorce attorney got an email and we started working to fight my abuser for sole custody. No longer was terrified of TD. The County Sheriff’s office served him papers and have been fighting him to present day in court.

Why The Mighty Daisy?

I had, and have, so much support and encouragement from friends, family, counselors, and people I have met through various support groups that I had gotten involved with. With the help of my tribe, I have learned to get a better handled on my anxiety. My narc has no power or control over me. With some time and a good therapist, I have overcome a lot and have a completely different outlook on life. I am still a work in progress. We all are.

A passion of mine is helping women realize their worth, teaching how to leave toxic and abusive relationships, and educate them on how they CAN do it, whatever the challenge may be. If I can do it, so can you.

You can expect me to post around 1-2 times per week about various topics related to empowerment, narcissistic abuse, recovery after narcissistic abuse, mental health, and other topics related. I also plan to blog about frugal living, money, and savings because I have found that finances are a lot of the reasons why women stay way too long in abusive relationships. Remember if I can do it, you CAN too!

So that is the very abridged story about me. Tell me about you! Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Or you email me at [email protected]


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